Edinburgh Business Coaching Testimonials

Stephen helped improve our bottom line by 30%

Stephen, did a full review of our business, before we even engaged him. It was his attention to detail, and fresh ideas that really made us go for his style of business coaching. We have been working with him for nearly a year now and the tests and measures he put in place right at the start show just how far we have come. A 30% increase in our bottom line!

David Fullerton
Inspired Bathrooms

Stephen helped us boost sales

I have known Stephen for some time and his advice, particularly in Marketing has always been fantastic, we are looking forward to our best year ever.

Millex gave us a coherent sales message

Over the years Stephen has helped me a great deal in the creation of a positive and coherent sales message for my customers. As a business coach, I am sure he can help your business as he did mine.

Skype Meetings from the other side of the World

Stephen, helped me set up my business in the UK, giving me great advice on various legal and financial matters. We set ambitious goals which I am pleased to say we achieved and although I am now back in my home country, we still conduct monthly sessions by Skype which I find invaluable

Diego Miranda

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